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A Beginners Guide to Making Candles


A beginner at making candles may be a bit nervous about making their first candle, but this video by Sheri Vegas explains that the process is fairly easy with her beginner’s guide to making candles.

First, she states, you choose a container for your candle. This could be a jar, a mug, or, as in the video, a bowl. You will also need wicks, wax, and fragrance.

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Sheri explains that wicks are either wood or cotton. She picks two cotton ones for this candle which she is making in a bowl. Sheri shows how to use sticky tape and other ways to keep the wicks standing straight.

She describes wax as a choice between paraffin, beeswax, or soy wax. She uses a double boiler method to heat the wax to the desired temperature. Add fragrance once the wax has melted and expanded.

Sheri then advises pouring the wax slowly and evenly into the bowl to avoid holes forming as it cools. Slightly heating the bowl first helps the wax to adhere fully to the rim.

Cool the candle completely overnight before trimming the wicks. Creatively making candles for yourself and for gifts is fun!


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