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A Network Security Platform Is Essential


Network security products

Did you know that 9,500 malicious websites are detected by Google every single day? This includes legitimate sites that have been hijacked and those that are designed to spread malware. Computer intrusions, such as hackings or malware, and privacy breaches can have catastrophic consequences. In fact, it takes over 11 months for a company which has experienced a cyber security breach to rebuild their reputation

To protect your company data and information from hacking you will want to have a network security platform, including an intrusion prevention system, an intrusion detection system, and an enterprise firewall. An intrusion prevention system and an intrusion detection system are fairly similar in nature. Both an intrusion prevention system and an intrusion detection system are used to detect and prevent security breaches for enterprise networks. Enterprise firewall software has the ability to handle security for a large number of users, so it’s perfect for companies that may require more extensive IT security. It is important to note that there are six basic types of firewalls: embedded firewalls, enterprise software based firewalls, enterprise hardware based firewalls, SOHO software firewalls, SOHO hardware firewalls, and specialty firewalls

You will also want to look into next generation network security, also known as next gen network security, when developing a network security platform. Next gen security describe securing the current, as well as the future development and architectural evolutions in telecommunication and access networks in order to offer the latest and greatest in enterprise network security. Make sure your computer systems are properly protected. Make sure you have a network security platform to protect and secure your company’s data and information
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