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Before and After Braces Results


Ever wondered what the before and after pictures of braces would look like? In this video, ten patients have their teeth transformed after having their braces fitted by an orthodontist. Braces fix a lot of teeth problems. These include teeth overcrowding and jaw misalignments such as overbites and underbites.
Frequently, as in this video, the results are fantastic.

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The typical amount of time it takes to get results for most patients is 18 to 24 months, though it could take longer depending on the severity and specific profile of the individual.
For those wondering whether braces will work for them, an orthodontist can answer that question. Some even have free consultations. While they can be rather costly, the results speak for themselves.
A gorgeous smile is just one of the results one can expect from braces. Other than that, correct jaw alignment optimizes tooth and jaw functions, which means better long-term oral health and comfort. The resulting benefits are why it’s recommended that children see an orthodontist from as early as age seven when their permanent teeth start to kick in.

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