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Finding the Best Rochester NY Coupons Available


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Look, we get it. Running effective and successful marketing campaigns is often tiresome, challenging and simply not fun. But as a growing business, marketing is 100 percent necessary to your expansion. You could stand out on the corner and hand out Rochester NY coupons manually, or you could go the easy route and opt for online deals. Here are five fast facts about utilizing coupon deal sites.

1. Great for business

Studies show that nearly 20 percent of business generated for local online businesses in the next year will be due to coupons or daily deal sites. That just goes to show that if you do not have break the bank to successfully market yourself. All it takes is strategic deas and Rochester NY coupons planted in the right places for the right customers to come across them.

2. Going local

People tend to buy local coupon deals exactly for that reason — they are local. Plenty of places in Rochester offer online coupon deals, but which ones are actually close to you? Almost half of all customers rely on the feedback of family and friends before they choose a deal or a service, so make your Rochester NY coupons worth talking about.

3. Go with what you know

About 43 percent of customers are likely to buy a daily deal from a small business they know. This means it helps to get your brand out there. The more times people see your name, the more likely they are to trust your brand when it comes to purchasing their Rochester NY coupons.

4. Social sharing

If your deals are good, customers are 54 percent more likely to share them on their social media pages with their friends. That means your satisfied customers essentially become evangelists for your brand, which can give your business a boost when it needs it most. Building repeat customers starts with making them happy with the right Rochester NY coupons and deals.

5. Fine dining and beyond

Most deals that get shared on social media are for restaurants — about 65 percent of them, to be precise. Though dining experiences tend to get the bulk of the benefits, entertainment options, beauty and spa treatments and travel services have also been known to get shared as well. No matter what your service is, if it is good, it is likely to be shared.

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