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From Washers and Dryers to Garbage Disposals, Repairs Sometimes Require Professional Help


Washing machine repair costs

As daily intrusions go, there are few more frustrating than when a home appliance malfunctions or simply breaks down. Whether you are having problems with washing machine, you need a dryer repair, or you need help on how to repair a leaking garbage disposal, there are companies that specialize in appliance repair in atlanta that can diagnose the specific problem and can offer a quick and efficient solution.

Modern appliances have certainly come a long way within the last 100 years. Prior to the refrigerator, households were equipped with insulated iceboxes that needed to be stocked with fresh ice each day by the iceman, in order to keep perishable food items fresh. As early as the year 1930, however, gas burning stoves had surpassed wood and coal burning stoves by a ratio of two to one.

Today, we rely on our appliances to a larger degree than we may realize. For example, more than one fifth of the water used in an average U.S. home is for the washing machine. Frequent daily use of such appliances requires that they be durable over several years, but of course this does not mean that they are indestructible. To be specific, a typical refrigerator lasts as long as 19 years and as few as 15 years, while the life span of a dryer tends to fall within the 13 to 15 year range.

You will want to keep all these things in mind when considering advanced appliance repair in Atlanta. It may make more sense, for example, to simply replace your old appliance if it is near the end of its functional life anyways. If you have questions or comments about appliance repair in general, or you have specific suggestions on how to repair a leaking garbage disposal, see the forum below.

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