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Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Reseller Package


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It’s no secret that the internet is one of the most important elements of modern marketing. Most small businesses know that search engine optimization is one of the best ways to be seen by consumers and to gain traffic to their sites. Given that 93% of online experiences start with search engines and that 18% of the clicks within search engine result pages go to the number one result, the importance of SEO is self evident. What many small businesses don’t know is that there are other aspects of internet marketing that are just as important as search marketing.

Seo reseller packages rarely include only Seo services. They also offer social media and email marketing, aspects of internet marketing that can make a world of difference for a client. If you resell SEO and aren’t helping your clients take advantage of social media and email marketing services, its time to get started.

Social Media

Next to search engine marketing, social media is probably the second most popular service offered by private label seo companies. Though social media certainly surpassed the “fad” label long ago, many small business still regard it as such. Unfortunately, it’s really too important a media outlet to ignore and small business who do usually pay the price. Social media marketing affords small businesses the opportunity to get their brands and their messaging in front of an enormous community of potential customers who have the means to share information about products and companies with the touch of a button. In fact, 60% of industry specific content sharing messages mention a brand or product. SEO reseller packages include social media for the simple reason that it’s effective.

Email Marketing

Statistically, 70% of small business owners dedicate three hours or less each week to email marketing. There is a popular sentiment that email marketing is dying and that consumers don’t read email blasts anyway. This is one of the greatest myths in the internet marketing world. Email marketing, especially when combined with social media marketing, is especially effective because it reaches customers in a more personal way. Neglecting to utilize email marketing is one of the biggest mistakes that SEO resellers make. Most SEO reseller packages include it because it’s useful, so take advantage of it!

Content is King

It’s a maxim generally applied to search marketing, but it is equally true in social media and email marketing. Just as quality content yields higher SERPs, it also leads to increased response from social media users and email recipients. Half of all marketers claim that content is “very effective” for SEO, a fact emphasizing the impact of quality content generation for internet marketing. Social media users are more likely to share links with useful information and email users are more likely to open emails that contain interesting, relevant content.

SEO reseller packages often include much more than search marketing for very good reason. Social media and email marketing are also critical players in a quality marketing campaign, with each element of the campaign enhancing the other two.

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