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How Invisalign Can Help You Today!


This is a video about a lady who got clear aligners ( Invisalign) to straighten her teeth. Aligners are like braces but don’t come with metal wires and brackets. The lady in the video already had braces when she was younger. But her teeth moved back after she stopped wearing her retainer.

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So, she decided to try clear aligners to fix them again.

It took her a bit over a year (17 months) to finish the treatment, and it cost $5,687. She talks about a few things about getting clear aligners. The cost varies depending on an individual’s teeth, but it usually falls between $2500 and $8000. The treatment time changes too, but hers took a little over a year. You’ve to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day.

Sometimes, they put little bumps on your teeth called attachments. They help the aligners move your teeth in the right direction. She says it hurts way less than regular braces. At the same time, it may become sore when you first start wearing them.

The lady also said she had a lisp for a couple of weeks when she first got them on. To clean the aligners, soak them in a mix of half-white vinegar and half water. After you complete the treatment, you must wear a retainer every night to keep your teeth from moving again. Overall, the patient seemed happy with her teeth.


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