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iPhone Management Software Increases Productivity


Mobile workforce

Did you know studies have shown more than 230 million people in America ages 13 and over are using mobile devices? Good luck walking down the street without seeing someone holding a smart phone or a tablet PC in their hand. The growing popularity of mobile devices is forcing companies to change their business model to increase productivity and security. iPhone management software is crucial for iPhone security. In fact, patch management software is an IT manager’s favorite arsenal against cyber threats that organizations face every single day. About half of all companies are adopting the BYOD business model.

The Byod business model requires employees to use their own smart phone or tablet PC for work. In fact, 1,000 consumers surveyed by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows 20 percent of people using their own iPad for work. Even though the BYOD policy brings new security challenges to IT departments, there are plenty of solutions that meet these challenges, like iPhone management software. The AES, or Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm, is a type of scrambling system that scrambles data. The U.S. government did not adopt the AES until 2001. BlackBerry devices have an encryption system that is stronger than most other encryption systems. iPhone management and mobile device management are important for business and personal uses.
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