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Looking to Add Some Diversity to Your Wardrobe?


Camouflage purses

For many women, the idea of wearing the same boring clothing patterns is just not enough for them to express themselves through their clothing. Clothing showing off animal prints and dazzle-patterns have been featured in clothing for a long time. In 1919, the Chelsea Arts club hosted a “Dazzle Ball” and the attendants wore dazzle-patterned black and white clothing. For animal prints, while the stripes on a zebra cause their predators to be confused when running, humans who chose to sport the look find diversity to their wardrobe.

However, animal prints and bold dazzle styled clothes are not for every women. For women who want a more subtle approach to the “wild” side of animal prints can find a solution with camouflage clothing. Some of you may be wondering how camo clothing is similar to animal prints. Well, many animals have evolutionary features in their skin or fur to help them blend into their environment. Even Giraffes have camo features, as the coat pattern on a giraffe is an important camouflage tool, hiding them in desert areas from predators. Some camouflage designs mimic the broken shapes of light shining through trees, as in the dappled markings of giraffes.

Most camouflage clothing features black, brown, green, and grey color shading. This design comes from use of camo in the military. For example, during World War One, the German Air Force concealed their planes with blotches of color on the wings and irregular polygons along the fuselages. These designs are featured in all types of clothing and home goods, such as womens camo bathing suits, camo bedding, camo wedding accessories and much more. The camo design has become very popular, especially among military famines, and supporters of the military alike.

Want to stand out from the other women on the beach? Womens camo bathing suits are a great way to “blend-in” with the beach, while making a cool fashion statement. Is your future husband or wife in the military? Use camo wedding ideas for a creative and diverse wedding decor. The possibilities are with camouflage designs are endless.

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