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Should Men Wear Engagement Rings?


In the traditional sense, men usually don’t wear engagement rings. However, this is changing with today’s times. Keep reading to learn why men are starting to wear engagement rings before their wedding.

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The first reason men are starting to wear engagement rings is because of equality. Women wear engagement rings before their weddings, so why shouldn’t men? Engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment to each other, so it only makes sense that men have started wearing engagement rings.

Another reason men should wear engagement rings is to show they are taken. This is something women understand well. When women meet each other, an engagement or wedding ring is one of the first things they notice. When met wear engagement rings, it lets everyone know they are in a committed relationship.

The last reason met are starting to wear engagement rings is for a second proposal. Nowadays, many couples reverse their roles and the bride proposes before or after the groom. This is a life-changing memory that the bride will remember forever, and the groom will enjoy the sweet and considerate gesture.

To learn more about why men are wearing engagement rings nowadays, watch the video above!


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