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The 2013 Housing Market Suggests Purchasing a New Home Is as Valuable as Purchasing Previously Owned Homes


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In today’s housing market, shoppers are used to being in the driver’s seat when it comes to the price on a previously owned home. However, the same market will also help them receive a good deal on a new home. New home builders often work in cooperation with banks and, as a result, may be able to offer favorable financing options. Deciding to have a new home built for you or your family allows you to decide upon features and trends to have included in your home. For example, a popular trend in new home construction is flexibility — features such as rooms that serve multiple purposes, and homes that can accommodate either “boomerang” children or aging parents are examples of flexible features among new homes today.

The housing market in 2013 proved to be beneficial for new, multifamily housing. In January of 2013, multifamily housing statistics, which tend to display significant month-to-month volatility, declined by a over 24% – indicating a low risk, and highly secure market for new homes. Combining the low-risk nature of buying a new home, and the ability to customize your home through the participation with the builder for planning the new homes designs, allows for the buyer to make a smart investment in a home that is specifically tailored to their liking. Additionally, new homes are more energy efficient, saving their home owners hundreds annually in energy costs. This is due to the building codes mandating higher energy-efficiency standards in new home designs. The most recent International Energy Conservation Code came out in 2009, and required about 17% more energy efficient standards than three years prior.

Once the foundation is in place, builders can begin the task of framing the home with timber, steel studs or cement blocks. During this process, it is common for the buyer to decide where their bathrooms might be located, choose their favorite type of flooring, or pick the color of the exterior paint. Once the building process begins, reliable municipal solid waste management will be necessary. During the home building process, a large amount of solid waste is produced such as scrap wood, metal, and cement, in addition to a lot of packaging from materials used during the build. Municipal solid waste management disposal services are necessary for disposing and recycling of these typically large materials. When contracting custom house builders, it’s wise to ensure they have a good understanding about municipal solid waste management, and work in cooperation with reliable waste management agencies.

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