Online Magazine Publishing

Online Magazine Publishing

The Benefits of Online Magazine Publishing


Magazine publishing has taken a beating in the past few years. Long dominated by a few marquee names, the magazine publishing industry has fallen on tough times. Low barriers to entry now mean there has been an explosion in competition. At the same time, declining magazine readership threatens everyone. That being said, online magazine publishing could be a salvation. With online magazine publishing software, magazines have extremely low operating costs, which could make up for otherwise abysmal circulation numbers. Furthermore, online magazines often have a finer niche than bigger, more lumbering rivals, ensuring a steady readership base.

What are some of the specific advantages for an online magazine publisher? For one, the publisher has low operating costs. Labor costs are always the most expensive cost for any magazine, and how magazines manage that issue depends on the publisher. That said, online magazines have freedom in other areas. Printing costs are eliminated. Without the needs for print, the art team can be eliminated or greatly reduced, as can space requirements. In fact, it is possible to operate an online magazine remotely, eliminating the need for rent.

Another advantage those who publish online magazines find is that there is slightly better circulation. Most consumers are weary of print magazines, which have higher retail prices and can get lost easily. With online magazines, consumers never lose content, and can read at their own paces. The other nice thing about these magazines are that they cater to a niche that your competitors may not wish to cover as fully as you do. Your circulation may be smaller, but your readership will be very loyal.

There are many advantages to publishing an online magazine over a print magazine. In fact, an online magazine has very few entry barriers. All you need to do is purchase publishing software, and you can get started.

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