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The Types of Industrial Bolt Tensioning Equipment


Pneumatic hydraulic pump

For those not familiar with industrial bolting tools, it is a good idea to learn. Industries such as shipyards and power generation have a need for specific tensioning demands that call for reliable and durable tools. Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic torque wrenches and other tools are useful in this regard. Here is a very brief primer.

Tools like hydraulic tensioners fix bolts. These hydraulic tensioners come in many varieties, such as fixed, wind turbine, variable, subsea and pump coupling tensioners. These hydraulic tensioners can help reverse industrial bolt deterioration, which can occur in wet or damp areas.

There are also various wrenches, including electric torque wrenches and hydraulic torque wrenches. Electric torque wrenches use electric and frequency controlled synchronized motors, which give high mounting speed. As such, wrenches function similarly to hydraulic tensioners in that they tense bolts.

Of course, all tools need breaking into prior to calibration. This is especially true of hydraulic tensioners and other hydraulic tools, which use both mechanical and hydraulic systems. That said, once these tools are calibrated, they can be especially powerful and increase productivity. This ultimately benefits everyone, from shipyards to energy solutions.

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