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Understanding Vaccines


Vaccines are a crucial part of our healthcare system. They protect us from diseases that would otherwise cause us harm. We all get a bunch of different vaccines throughout our lives, but what makes them work? In this article, we are going to take a look at how vaccines work.

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TED-Ed explains, that when our body fights against an illness our immune system works to remove the problem. When our immune system fights against the illness it creates a memory of how to fight the illness in case it ever needs to do it again.

When it comes time to make a vaccine, it is made by using a much weaker dose of the disease that the body is going to fight. It is because of this fact that people who have weaker immune systems are not able to get certain vaccines.

The vaccine is inserted into our body giving our body the chance to fight the illness. The illness that is injected into our body is much weaker than the actual virus, however, it teaches the immune system exactly what it needs to know. The immune system remembers all of the information it needs to about the illness, in case it ever comes back.


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