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What Kind of Generator Should You Have Installed?


Many people who buy generators during a prolonged power outage often buy one unsuitable for their needs. So, if you are regretting your choice of the generator you currently own, let’s look at a few types of generators and where they are used to find out which generator installation you should have gone for.

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters that frequently knock out your power lines, it’s best to get a standby generator. A standby generator will keep all your home appliances running during a power outage.

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However, a portable generator is best if you need a generator to supply power as you travel or when camping because it is cheap and easy to move and store.

If you like traveling in your boat or RV, an inverter generator would best meet your power needs. It is portable, quiet, best for charging electronics, and produces fewer emissions. This generator is, however, not suitable for residential use because it’s more expensive and has lower power output. Hopefully, you now know which generator could best suit your needs. If you would like to learn how to legally connect your generator, watch the video linked above.


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