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What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance


We know homeowners insurance is important for homeowners, but what about renters? If you are a renter there is a different type of insurance policy you can take out that is called renters insurance. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about rental insurance.

Let’s start with what renters insurance is. Renters insurance offers protection from covered losses.

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Some examples of covered losses include lightning, wind or hail, fire, or theft.

Renters insurance has two sections, property coverage, and liability coverage. Property coverage would cover loss of use while liability overage would cover liability and medical payments. If you have anything additional you want on your policy, an insurance agency may be able to help.

The biggest difference between renters insurance and homeowners insurance or home insurance is that property coverage for renters insurance does not cover the building you live in, but rather your personal belongings inside the building like your furniture, computer, and clothes. The loss of use coverage would cover any additional living expenses you may incur due to loss of use of your rental home.

To learn more about renters insurance, watch the video above!


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