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Why You Should Get Flight Training


If you’ve been considering taking flight training, but hesitant. Then you should definitely watch this video! Many people put it off, but back in 1999, this flight instructor didn’t wait. He was looking for a new challenge and decided to learn how to fly.

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At the time, he was working as a cinematographer, and looking for a new challenge. Then he picked up the phone and called a flight school Vista. He said to them, I wanna learn how to fly. And they said to him come down here so that we can do a discovery flight. That was the beginning of a long career in flying airplanes.

After reconciling with his girlfriend, his flight career took a backseat. He got married and had children, and for a while, he focused solely on his family. Over the next decade, he worked hard but always made time for his family. As he became engrossed in his kids’ activities, flying almost slipped his mind. Then one day, while sitting on the couch at home with his family visiting, he decided it was time to fly again.

After 15 years without flying, he called his old flight school, Vista. Even though he still remembered how to fly, he decided it was best to redo his training as a responsible measure. Today, not only does he fly planes, but he also offers flight training to those who have never flown before.

Watch the video above to learn more! .

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