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Your Family Law Attorney Portland and Divorce Statistics


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Most people do not realize this, but when one partner in a marriage smokes and the other one does not, there is a 75 percent more likely chance that the marriage will end in divorce. Divorce statistics are interesting to any divorce attorney Portland. If you are someone getting a divorce, you are going to be interested in divorce statistics too. In fact, the best source for information about divorce is a family law attorney Portland.

For instance, statistics show that the first time a woman gets a divorce she is 29 years old. that is the average age for women anyway. There are generally some common reasons why couples get divorced here in the U.S. The top 5 reasons are; spousal abuse, too much debt, cheating on one’s spouse, poor communication skills and losing interest. Portland divorce lawyers are all to familiar with these reasons as most clients state one or the other when they go in to talk about getting a divorce.

A family law attorney Portland also handles spousal support portland. Western states have the highest number of marriages as well as divorces. The southern states are second as far as the divorce rates go. Then there is the Northeast, which is lowest in numbers when it comes to residents getting married and divorced. Another thing divorcing couples should know is that when parents get a divorce, it increases the likelihood that their children will drop out of high school and never attend college. Your family law attorney Portland can give added insight and advice on what divorcing couples can expect during the divorce procedure today. More like this:

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