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Assisted Living Facilities Explained


In this video, you will learn about assisted living facilities. The video goes through the ins and outs of assisted living facilities, how they run, and more. Joe is an assisted living advisor. He said the main part of his job is to educate people on what it is.

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For many people, they need explaining. He found that he needs to explain to people that it is not a nursing home. It is not subsidized housing, it is something different. He made this video to provide an answer to what is an assisted living facility. These buildings look beautiful, and they can be very expensive. There can be many facilities in cities or none at all, it depends on the needs and the city. The 77 million baby boomers are entering their golden years. The senior population is growing so rapidly. With the construction of senior facilities, this is the future of construction. Communities is the preferred word to use to describe assisted living homes. There are cities in the country where you can find homes that have been converted into assisted living. In sum, a home for people who need help with activities of daily living is assisted living defined.

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