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Inside a Commercial Printing Company


Printing is a big business. It can often be overlooked just how large it is and how much it affects our lives. From the ads we receive in the mail, to newspapers, books and magazines, and the signage we see everywhere else, it really is all around us. Yes we never stop to consider where it all comes from and just what it takes for all of this printing to take place. In this video, you will learn about commercial printing companies. You will get to take a look inside one such company so you can see where the magic happens and be informed.

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The printing company has just as many desks and office rooms as it does printers, which may be a surprise to you. Printing companies can take care of every aspect of a project, from the design to the print itself, and in some cases even part of the distribution. Printing companies employ people who know how to use the printers, as well as graphic designers and digital artists. Printing companies can really meet all sorts of needs.


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