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Creating Your Own Custom Birthday T-Shirt


If you have been wanting to create your own custom birthday t-shirt for an upcoming party, this article and video will help. The process is super easy it won’t require that many materials. Odds are because you already have most of the equipment around your house, there also won’t be a lot of extra purchasing costs either.

Prepping The Shirt

Once you determined the color, size, and fabric of the shirt you want, take your design and align it to where you want it on the shirt. Now once you figure out the position for your design, remove it off the t-shirt and iron over the area where the design will be placed.

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This will ensure that the area of your design will not be wrinkled.

Placing the Design

Once you have removed all the wrinkles, place your design on the shirt. It’s important that you take extra care during this step and really pay attention to your layout. Once we’re done with your custom birthday t-shirt there will be no way to remove and redo this step.

Making It Permanent

Now before you iron the design onto the custom birthday t-shirt, make sure you place a heat-resistant fabric over the top to make sure the heat doesn’t ruin your design. Now with the fabric in place, heat over the area of the design for 15-30 seconds, and then your custom shirt will be done!


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