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Getting Your Fire Sprinkler System Installed


Fire sprinklers are a huge part of any building. Making sure that they are working well and that they are in good order is a must. Fire sprinkler contractors are a great resource when it comes to learning how these vital systems work, and when learning how they can save your home or building.

A sprinkler is made of a few different parts.

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A threaded end connects it to the water line and a sealed valve helps to hold the water back. The valve is held in place with a glass tube that contains a liquid that expands quickly when heated. The tube has a small bubble of vapor in it and when it is exposed to fire, it expands quickly enough that it shatters the tube and then releases the valve. The water then is released and it rains down on the fire. The water will continue to flow until it is manually shut off at the water source.

These sprinklers come in a ton of different sizes depending on what you want to use them for and what type of building they are going to be in. The system may be very large for warehouses or corporate buildings, compared to those that are used in a home or a small building.

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