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Everything You Should Know About the PDO Face Lift Thread Procedure


It seems like there are more and more minimally invasive procedures emerging that allow individuals to achieve a more youthful look without having to undergo surgery. One such option that people may have come across is the PDO face lift thread procedure, but what exactly does this procedure consist of and what should patients expect? In his video, Dr. Srikanth V of Doctors’ Circle helps patients learn more before they schedule a consultation.

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What Is a PDO Face Lift Thread Procedure?
Aptly named, a PDO face lift thread procedure uses barbed metal threads to pull the skin upwards and reduce sagging. This produces a more youthful look without having to undergo traditional facelift surgery. Moreover, it’s much less daunting than it sounds, which may make it a better alternative for some clients.

What to Expect
A PDO face lift thread procedure can be done either with local anesthesia or with the help of general anesthesia. The procedure itself is fast, and recovery is as well. Clients can expect swelling to go down rapidly, and they will start to see the results within three to four weeks. That being said, this is a temporary procedure. This procedure will need to be repeated every two years for a consistent look.

Committing to major surgery isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are always alternatives. PDO face lift thread procedures are one temporary alternative that can produce similar effects without the same level of commitment.

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