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What Can You Expect When You Get Botox Injections?


Are you thinking of getting Botox injections to give your face a more youthful appearance? If so, you probably wonder what the procedure is like and how safe it is. In this video, Dr. Jessica Wu, a dermatologist to many Hollywood stars, explains what you can expect.

Botox is a protein dermatologists inject under the skin, causing overactive muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles to relax.

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Because Botox is also a toxin, many people wonder if the procedure is safe. Dr. Wu assures patients it is, having been tested on people since the 1940s.

When you get Botox injections, your doctor will ask you to make specific facial movements, like scrunching your face, to show lines between the eyebrows and determine injection placement. Many people say that the injections are less painful than eyebrow waxing.

Common side effects include redness, swelling, and small pinprick marks at the injection site that usually disappear within an hour. You’ll experience no downtime with this procedure, but Dr. Wu recommends avoiding pressing on the area where the Botox was placed for at least four hours so that the Botox will stay in place. Within two to seven days, you’ll look more refreshed.

To find a Botox provider in your area, ask your family doctor to recommend a qualified practitioner. You should avoid Botox parties because of this procedure’s medical nature.

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