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Everything You Should Know About Wire Locking Plugs


Wire locking plugs are a crucial tool in any electronic job. It doesn’t matter if you are making a house renovation project or a new building, as using the right cables is fundamental for any project.

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Here at Hubbell Commercial and Industrial, we’ll show you the importance of wire locking plugs. This video will explain the basics of Wire locking plugs (NEMA) and their uses in electronic projects.

Types of Wire Locking Plugs

There are numerous types of wire-locking plugs. Each wire locking plug follows a different purpose, as they vary their AMP according to the job. There are 15 Amp to 50 amp wire locking plugs that fit the user’s needs. Each type of wire locking plug has different pin positions according to their amperage.

The Purpose of Wire-LockingPlugs

As the name implies, wire-locking plugs make sure that the connectors fit together and stay connected without interruptions. The curved metal blades of the wire locking plug secure each connector, making it hard to unplug. Wire locking plugs are a crucial part of any electrical system. For more information about their history and use, watch our video.


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