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How Do You Buy Your Own Minecraft Server?


The process of getting into Minecraft private server hosting is easier than you think! It can even enhance your experience playing the game. According to this video, you can visit Apex Hosting and buy the right server for your gaming needs.

One important thing to know when buying a Minecraft server is how much RAM you need. Server sizes range from 2 GB of RAM up to 10 GB or more, with incremental cost increases.

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The presenter suggests that a good standard size is 4 GB of RAM, as this size will have the capability to host 5-10 friends and have enough room for some mod packs.

One nice thing about using Apex Hosting is that after you have selected a server of the right size with the correct configuration, the site has a video explaining how to get started with your own server. Upon purchase, an email is sent containing both the IP Address and subdomain for the new server. Either can be used to enter into the server from the Minecraft menu. A password is also sent for opening up the control panel, where you can add plugins and make changes to your server.


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