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Front Entrance Curb Appeal Ideas


Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking to improve the value and look of your existing home, there’s no better way than with the help of your front entrance curb appeal! Your front entrance is the first thing people and prospective buyers will notice when first looking at your home. If your home is in desperate need of an upgrade, look no further than the tips below to help you with front entrance curb appeal ideas!

Make your neighbors and family proud by improving the look of your front entrance, and make coming home a sight to behold!

1. Improve Your Landscape Designs

Some landscaping decisions are just plain awful. From blocking out the view of your windows with dreadful bushes to having a walkway that covers your beautiful grass with old bricks, there are lots of issues that can cause problems in your landscape. Problems with landscape designs, such as overgrown plants, mismatched plants, and overgrown shrubbery can all be improved with the help of a professional landscape design company. It takes time and a little money to make your landscape design not only beautiful but also valuable to your home. Get the help of professional landscape designers if you feel you don’t know where to start when it comes to fixing your curb appeal!

2. Consider Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks are some of the most beautiful, elegant, and best front entrance curb appeal ideas you can take advantage of! By using a landscaping rock, you can add a flare to your home that no other home has. From smooth, volcanic rocks, to rocks that help cover up well pipes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using decorative rocks! Combine your decorative landscaping rock with the overall color and landscaping design of your home to make sure it fits with your home’s look.

3. Fix Any Driveway Cracks

Driveways are one of the first things people see when passing in front of your home. Therefore, it’s important for you to fix any cracks in your driveway so you can get buyers interested and your home looking stunning. Fixing any cracks in your driveway is one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas that is not only beneficial for your home, but also for you! You don’t want to trip on any cracks, damage your car’s tires, or let cracks get worse. Harsh environments, such as heat and extreme winters, can all cause your driveway to develop cracks that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

4. Upgrade Your Exterior

All of our homes have an exterior layer, whether it’s traditional siding, brick, or stone. It can be easy to overlook the exteriors of our homes, and over time, they begin to wear down just like any other part of the home. The exterior of your home can easily be upgraded, whether through the help of siding professionals or with the help of a stone mason to get your home looking the way it once did! It’s not enough to just power wash your home either if the damage and wear are severe enough. Get professional help to improve the exterior of your home as one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas.

5. Update Your Paint Job

Once you upgrade your exterior and power wash it, you’re ready to update your paint job on your home! The exterior of your home can easily be painted to help you get any look you want! If you want to have a beautiful white home on the block or invest in a gorgeous black paint job, you can with the help of professional exterior paint services! However, it’s important to check with your homeowners association to see if you’re able to paint your home’s exterior, and if you are, speak to them about what colors are appropriate for your neighborhood.

6. Modernize the Look of Your Home

Buying a cheap home on the market is great for many reasons. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of a cheap home might be that the exterior is outdated. Modernizing the look of your home is one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas to improve your home’s value! With simple changes, you can easily modernize the look of your front entrance. For instance, if you have an old, cheap door, get the help of glass doors contractors to install some beautiful glass front doors. Or, update the look of your driveway, porch, and paint to modernize your look. Get the help of a home improvement store to see what the hottest trends are for homes, and get some inspiration!

7. Fix Any Cracked Glass

If you already have glass doors or glass windows that are cracked, this can severely damage your front entrance curb appeal. Don’t let cracked glass threaten the safety (and look) of your home. Get the help of glass replacement services to update your doors and windows, and improve the integrity of your home.

8. Improve the Look of Your Garage

One of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas is to improve the look of your garage! Garage doors might be one of the most ignored parts of the exterior of your home. However, garage doors are one of the first things home buyers and passersby notice on your home. Invest in some modern garage doors, such as steel, wood, Clopay, and ranch style garage doors!

9. Prune Your Trees

If you have trees in front of your home that are overgrown, one of the best and cheapest front entrance curb appeal ideas is to prune your trees. Depending on where you live, the best time to prune your trees will be around the winter months. Professional tree services can help prune your trees at the appropriate time of the year to help improve the look of your home while also keeping your trees healthy and live longer!

10. Clear Up Your Lawn

Whether it’s old tree stumps, weeds, and invasive plants such as mustard and dandelions, clearing up your lawn might be one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas! Not only will clearing up your lawn improve your home’s curb appeal, but it will also help you make room for new plants or flowers you might want to put in front of your home in the future. Get the help of professional lawn services for tree stump removal, weed removal, and cleaning up your front lawn.

11. Consider New Trees

If you have trees in front of your home already, but feel they’re not the best for the look of your home, it’s okay to get new trees planted and old trees removed. Some of the best trees for the front of your home include Jacaranda trees, weeping cherry trees, willow trees, or any trees that will be able to grow in your home and environment. A tree company can give you the best advice on which trees to invest in and plant, and help you get rid of any old trees that might depreciate your home’s look and value.

12. Consider Adding Gravel

One of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas is to add a cute gravel walkway in front of your home! Crushed rock delivery services can bring gravel directly to your home to put anywhere, from your front lawn to the side of your driveway. You can even replace your entire lawn with gravel for a serene, modern look to your home that is beautiful and low maintenance!

13. Decorate For the Season

Have you ever taken a drive down your neighborhood and been awed at the spooky or winter decorations? Decorating for the seasons is one of the most fun front entrance curb appeal ideas to entertain everyone in the neighborhood and score you cool home points! You’ll want to make sure you’ve already done the hard work of improving your home’s overall look through landscaping and professional services. Afterward, however, feel free to go all out for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any holiday in between! From pumpkins to Santa Claus decorations, the possibilities are endless for decorating the front of your home!

14. Fix Any Lighting Issues

No one wants to look at a home that has bad lighting, constantly flickering lights, or missing light bulbs. Fix any lighting issues in your home, such as poor porch lighting or broken street lamps. You can also install gorgeous lighting to light up your walkway! Not only does this make your home look amazing, but it also helps keep you safe when walking inside your home late at night.

15. Clean Your Porch

For many homeowners, having a porch can be a dream come true! However, just because you have a porch doesn’t mean your home is automatically beautiful. Although porches can make a home look stunning, when your porch is dirty and full of dirt, grime, spiderwebs, and rotting wood, it can do more harm than good to your home. To help you improve the look and value of your home, one of the best and easiest front entrance curb appeal ideas is to clean your porch! This can even be relaxing and satisfying to you! Use a power washer to wash away years’ worth of dirt. Sweep your floors and make it a daily chore so that your porch always stays clean. You can also invest in some new paint to repaint old, chipped wood, or consider getting new banisters on your porch! Then, install some new lighting and furniture and get rid of the old. In no time, you’ll have a porch that’s the envy of the neighborhood!

16. Update the Mailbox

Having an old, outdated mailbox doesn’t just make your home look unappealing. Unfortunately, it can also pose a threat to the safety and security of your mail. If you have a mailbox, make sure it locks securely, is free of dents, and overall looks good enough to be in the front of your home! Consider cleaning it regularly to remove any dust, and paint it if necessary!

17. Plant Some New Flowers

If you want to take up gardening and improve the look of your home, planting a new flowerbed is one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas this spring! Everyone loves the look of blooming flowers. Combine flowers to get a combination of colors, have flowers that bloom at different seasons, and get the right soil mix to keep your flowerbeds healthy. You should only plant a flowerbed if you know you’re going to be able to care for them, as flowerbeds that aren’t well taken care of can lead to dried, wilted, or dead flowers that damage the look of your home.

18. Improve Look of House Numbers

Not only is improving the look of your house numbers a good front entrance curb appeal ideas, but it’s also one that keeps you safe! In case of an emergency, you’ll want the police or emergency services to be able to identify your home with its house numbers. To help do this, consider making your home’s numbers bigger using a modern font, putting it under lighting, and making your home easily identifiable to rescuers.

19. Consider Drought-Resistant Plants

If you live in a hot environment such as Southern California, perhaps one of the best front entrance curb appeal ideas is to invest in some drought-resistant plants. Not only are cacti beautiful, but they are also easy to maintain and can modernize the look of any home, with little effort on your part!

20. Fix Your Sprinkler System

By fixing your sprinkler system, you’ll be able to make sure your plants stay watered, your lawn stays green, and your home continues to look its best! Consider getting the help of plumbing services to fix your sprinklers and improve the overall look of your home!

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