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By on April 2, 2013

The internet is probably the most democratic medium ever, and online magazine publishers took notice of this fact long ago. Hence, anyone with a cheap laptop and an internet connection can reach tens of millions of other internet users with hardly any effort, at all. For better or for worse, this has led to hundreds of thousand of web pages and blogs that range from highly astute and ingenious to the utterly useless, sophomoric, and inane. But the glut of mundane and empty information that is out there should not deter those people with legitmate ideas from sharing them. In fact, the ideal solution to this problem is that the more useful, legitimate web pages will push down material of inferior quality. An online magazine publisher can help those with brilliant and unique ideas to make them widely accessible to the public. For creative people with original publishing ideas, online magazine publishing software could help them become the next Jann Wenner or Hugh Hefner.

In the not too distant past, there were no online magazine publishers; and people with big publishing ideas, and not much money, were relegated to margins of the publishing world. This resulted in cult magazines and fanzines, which were basically gloried newsletters that were created, assembled by individuals or small groups, and disemminated to a limited audiences. However, with the popularity of online magazines, online magazine publishers are finally rescuing promising publication ideas from cult level obsurity. While many hardcore indie types might consider online publishing as selling out, can any of them honestly say that they prefer to put days and weeks of work into a publication and not have it be seen by more than a few other stubborn indie stalwarts? Well, they would be lying if they do not see the value online magazine publishers. After all, sharing their ideas with as many people as possible is the whole point of magazine publishers, whether they choose to publish magazine online, or staple to getter newsletters in the basement.

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