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How to Rent a Camper van in New Zealand


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New Zealand’s geographic isolation for 80 million years and island bio geography is responsible for the country’s unique species of animals, fungi and plants. Famous for its landscape and extreme sports, New Zealand has become a major tourist attraction in the recent years.

If you are thinking of traveling to New Zealand camper vans are a great way to see the sights. New Zealand camper vans are available with either automatic or manual transmission, with diesel or petrol engines. 3 berth campervan hire, as well as hybrid car hire new Zealand options are available , and are a great way to travel New Zealand. Some models are as small as a car, while other are fully loaded with a full sized fridge, shower and toilet.

If you are looking for budget car hire new zealand has a few major retailers that you can choose from.
The major locations for Rental Depots are Auckland and Christchurch, often near the airports. Some companies also have depots in Wellington, Coromandel Peninsula, Picton, Queenstown and Nelson.

Most of the New zealand camper van hire suppliers have depots near the airports and will pick you up. If arriving by car, cars can normally be left at the depot. Before taking the motorhome, you will be given a half hour instruction and introduction so that you know how everything works.

Finally, some insurance companies will cover New Zealand camper vans, however if not using full coverage, a bond will be required. This is generally equal to the excess on the insurance option chosen. The standard insurance excess is around $2500 (The standard full coverage insurance costs around $15 to 35 per day). The bond is fully refundable if the vehicle has not been involved in an accident, or break in and is returned in a clean and undamaged condition.

If you are thinking of visiting New Zealand camper vans are a great way to get from point A to B. They are cost effective, and a unique way to see all that New Zealand has to offer.

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