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By on May 18, 2013

Trees and shrubs

When the economy took a dive in recently, more people went to garden centers to try home gardening. This has helped them to incorporate more vegetables and herbs into their diet, and it also saves them money. In fact, the outdoor living industry and garden centers nationwide pulled in an estimated $187 billion in 2011, proving the theory that people are trying to eat healthy while saving money at the same time. Currently, an estimated 28.7 percent of households grow a lawn or garden, or both. People love to grow a garden because they say it gives them a connection to nature, even in an ever increasing technological and sedentary country. If you would like to grow trees and shrubs on your property, then you should visit one of the garden centers nearest you to find out how to get started. Gardening centers are available to help you find the right soil, potting mix, seeds, and plant food you need to grow any kind of grass, herb, plant, shrub, flower, or seed from scratch. These garden centers know that your biggest obstacles are time, insects, and irrigation, and cost; so let the garden design professionals help you work through those challenges to create a healthy, beautiful garden. No matter what kind of plants and shrubs you want for your yard, trust the experts at your local garden center to help you get started. Your local plant nursery has everything you need for a beautiful yard.

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