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How Can You Stop Trailer Sway?


Trailer sway is dangerous because it can lead to the trailer completely toppling over. The motor company in this video offers these tips on reducing trailer sway.

Change your hitch to a trailer sway control hitch, also called a weight-distribution hitch. Its wider frame and spring bars help keep the trailer steady.

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It also helps prevent undue stress on your truck. If you don’t want to buy a whole new hitch, try adding weight control bars to your existing hitch.

If you hitch up your trailer and the back end of your truck noticeably sags or seems pulled down more than the front end, then you need a trailer sway control hitch, or your truck is going to soon need expensive repairs.

Many new trucks have a dashboard light that indicates when your trailer is beginning to sway. You’ll also get a notice on your wheel display. Reduce speed. If this doesn’t help, pull your truck off of the road. Check to see that the trailer is hitched properly. Go into the trailer and see if the contents have shifted around so that they are all to one side. Redistribute the contents so that the weight is spread more evenly in the trailer.

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