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How to Best Manage a Detox


A reason why addicts stay addicted is because of how excruciating withdrawal is. It takes an average of seven to ten days to detox from opioid drugs. American Addiction Centers look at how you can detox quickly.

The safest way is to go through detox under medical supervision.

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It also winds up being quicker in the long run. If you try to detox on your own at home, the pain will make you use again, and then you’re right back where you started. A doctor may be able to prescribe you medication that helps reduce the pain of withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea can make you dehydrated, which, in itself, can be painful. Even if you feel nauseous, regularly sip water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to kidney problems, seizures, and shock.

Most drug addicts suffer from malnutrition. For your body to get through the incredible stress of detox, it needs nutritious food. Even eating only a few bites at regular times can help your body heal and recover. Try not to go through detox alone. A support network of friends and family that do not use drugs will help give you reasons for keeping up with the detox program and prevent relapse.

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