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How to Make Money with a DIY Blog


Are you looking for ways to make money with your DIY blog? There are many ways that you can use to make money with your blog, however, you need to put in a lot of effort and learn a few things. While there are some proven ways to make money on your blog, you need to be clear with what your goals are. Are you learning how to make money with a DIY blog to supplement your income or to make an income for you full time? It is important to know why you are blogging so that you can find the most effective ways to monetize it.

Moreover, it is important to know when to start monetizing your blog. For instance, if you are using affiliate marketing options, you can start monetizing your blog as soon as possible. You do not have to wait for site visitors to reach a certain number or your email list to increase significantly before you can monetize it. There are various methods that you can incorporate into your how to make money with a DIY blog strategy. Below, we have summarized these ways.

Affiliate Marketing

According to Statista, the U.S. is estimated to spend approximately $8.2 billion. These stats show that affiliate marketing is on the rise. If you are looking for tips on how to make money with a DIY blog, then affiliate marketing can be something that you consider. It will offer you ways to monetize your content while you earn money doing promotions for products and services that you are interested in.

This is an excellent way to level out your playing field as a DIY blogger. For instance, if you have recently installed a tankless water heater, you can find out if there is an affiliate program for it. You can use your knowledge of this type of water heater to recommend it to your site viewers. If people can purchase the product from the link that you have recommended, you can receive a commission for it.

The more influential your DIY blog is, the more apt the viewers are to purchase it. Some affiliate programs that you can try as a DIY blogger are Amazon and Shareasale. These cater to plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, to ensure that your affiliate marketing is effective, you need to do the groundwork and test the products that are most suitable for your viewers. As a result, you will conduct market research and test the results simultaneously.

Ads are not the only way that DIY bloggers can make money off their blogs. Affiliate sales can ensure that you have different ways to earn an income. It also offers you a win-win strategy because it benefits your blog while improving the sales of the company that you are affiliating your blog and products with. Incorporating affiliate marketing into your DIY blog does more than offer you several ways of how to make money with a DIY blog. It can offer you low-risk ways to improve your overall target audience reach without spending a lot of money.

Ad Networks

Blogging has changed over the years to become one of the most profitable mediums for individuals and businesses alike. If you have started your DIY blog to make money, you are how to make money with a DIY blog list that should include ads as an effective way to monetize it. For instance, if you have done some air conditioning repair work and your skills are above par, you can advertise your services.

Using different ad networks can help you reach a wider target audience. You can also run different ad campaigns to showcase a wider product and services offering. Let’s say you not only do DIY work on air conditioners, but you can also do roof repair, you can have both ads running at the same time. This requires extensive audience analysis. Fortunately, there are various SEO tools that you can use to help boost your blog and ad rankings on search engines. For example, display advertising is one of the most common and cost-effective ways that you can use to increase your earning potential with a DIY blog. This type of advertising can deliver ads and communicate the brand message with site viewers. The benefits of display advertising are many but the main one is how it improves the targeted audience engagement with your blog.

When you use ad networks as part of your how to make money with a DIY strategy you are able to match the needs of your viewers and subscribers with your content. It creates a balance with the demand and supply relationship and moves the inventory effortlessly across both parties. However, as a DIY blogger, it can be challenging to monetize your blog because it requires creative ideas and unique craft tips to stand out from your competitors. For example, if you offer roof repair services, how can you stand out from someone else who offers the same service?

Companies are also looking for DIY blogs that can target the same audience that is intended for their products and services. Ad networks can automatically link your blog with these types of companies. However, knowing how to make money with a DIY blog is one thing. You need to know which ad networks are suitable for DIY bloggers. Below, is a list of the ad networks that we have conducted research on.

Mediavine. It gives bloggers the chance to earn 75% of their ad revenue. It allows them to earn maximum revenue when compared to other ad networks.

Google Adsense. This ad network gives bloggers full control and access to their advertisers. As a result, the ads are managed based on your needs. If you want to use contextual ads to increase your organic traffic, this is the ideal way to do it.

PropellerAds. It offers a wider range of ad formats. Moreover, it provides you with valuable insights into your ad campaign.

Infolinks. This ad network is ideal for experienced and beginner bloggers alike.

Monumetric. This ad network is popular for increasing your revenue by making your blog more productive and exciting to navigate.

There are other valuable ad networks that you can use as part of your how to make money with a DIY blog strategy. You need to find what will work for your blog and use the tools that are provided to meet your marketing goals.

Direct Sales

The advances in technology have improved the blogging market. Design engineering of online platforms has enabled blogs the ability to enjoy significant business benefits. For instance, you can now use your DIY blog to increase direct sales. However, there are many aspects that go into creating a blog that can generate direct sales to its viewers. Below, we will give you tips on how to make money from direct sales with blogging.

Create Unique Content

Coming up with content for a DIY blog can be an arduous process, especially if you are trying to steer from content that is similar to your competitors. There should be a way to find an idea that can attract more readers to your blog. For example, when you write content about the residential plumbing that you do in your neighborhood, you can link it back to some products that you have used. You can do reviews and add videos to make the content more unique.

Learn SEO Basics

When you use SEO you can improve the performance of your blog from the traffic that you can generate and increase ad revenue. You can optimize your blog posts for search engines. For instance, if you have done some DIY work at rehab centers, you can use keyword research tools to optimize your posts. This can diversify your service offering by increasing the number of people who can see your posts.

When you are targeting direct sales as part of your how to make money with a DIY blog, you should remember to add some more personality and not be spammy.

Sponsored Content

Did you know that you can get paid to publish blog posts on your blog? This can be written by either you or other advertisers. However, you should always mention when you are publishing sponsored content on your DIY blog. You can get sponsored content on your blog with these simple tips.

You can set up a sponsor page and media kit on your blog.

Make sure that you create quality content to attract sponsors.

Find brands that are interested in working with you and pitch your content ideas to them.

Find out who is sponsoring your competition.

Use Google Adsense to pitch to sponsors.

Build and maintain relationships with sponsors so that you can receive more placements in the future.

Create an Ebook

If you have been blogging for a longer period and you believe that you are ready for the next step, you can think of creating an ebook. When you put together your knowledge into book form, you can enhance your reputation. It is important to work on some factors to your advantage to ensure that your book reaches the intended target audience. The following can be beneficial.

Participation. Are you as active in industrial welding g as your posts say you are? This is a valuable way to find out if your audience thinks your blog offers value.

Recognition. If other home builders can recognize your work on DIY home remodeling, it will most likely improve your chances of success.

Readership. You should have a strong readership on your site to ensure that you give your ebook a decent chance at success.

Become an Expert

If you can find a way to improve your products and services offered, use it. When you better your expertise and offer your viewers a wider range of skills, you will most likely be regarded highly as a DIY blogger. The reason why becoming an expert is important is that it will help you to find unique ways to make your blog interesting, but it can also make it easier for people to read your blog. When you have more knowledge of what you do, you can also be able to have better insights to help you predict any changes in the blogging market.

When you become an expert and know your niche, these are the benefits that you can gain.

You will be able to find your ideal customers.

It will be easier to hone your skills.

You can optimize your blog to target your ideal audience.

It can increase your focus to better the decisions that you make for your business growth.

It will help you to collaborate better instead of competing.

It offers you the authenticity that is needed to help your business to make money.

The Bottom Line

Creating unique content is important, however, you need to make sure that your personality can shine through to trump out your competitors. This means that you should look for ways to ensure that your ads do not come across as spammy. For instance, you can have a section that focuses on videos that show your viewers how to do certain things. Mixing up your content can help you a long way.

Starting any kind of blog can be intimidating if the competition is already huge in the market. Nowadays, there are many DIY and craft bloggers. You can find electricians and landscape designers who teach people simple tips and tricks for their home improvement projects. To boost your blog traffic and revenue you may need to incorporate different SEO tools such as keyword research and analytics to ensure that your blog ranks high in search engines.

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