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In Rochester, Web Development Is About More Than Developing Websites


Web hosting

In Rochester, web development is often about more than development of websites and usually involves some form of email hosting, which provides customized configurations and domain names that are fully customized. These hosting services generally are more affordable and are entirely scalable too, meaning multiple accounts can be utilized by the same Rochester web design firm. They provide access to indexed and archived emails too, giving administrators and users access to their stored messages at any time.

Thus, a Rochester web development firm can offer decidedly more than simply web development services. Aside from crafting a nice looking website that functions quite well, then, a Rochester web development company could offer these email solutions to keep small business clients as up to date as possible on all of the cool technologies that exist, which until recently were only really affordable for larger companies. This service since technologies have been improved upon so much are more readily available than ever.

A Rochester web development firm does more for email solutions than simple providers of these solutions too. And while there is some disagreement on when the first actual email was sent out since platforms for text type messages have existed for several decades or more, these firms know about the first ever email spam that was sent out back on May 3, 1978, and which advertised a computer system that was new. The email was sent out to 600 ARPANET users whose email addresses were manually entered via a printed document.

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