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Stormwater Treatment Solutions


Stormwater management

The University of California performs studies periodically that bring insightful results, such as how catch filters strain a little more than 98 percent of fats and oils from water. Stormwater treatment solutions are beneficial for people and the environment as well. Companies selling stormwater treatment products offer solutions for both residential and commercial areas. Furthermore, stormwater management is important for rural and urban areas. Avoiding stormwater pollution requires the right type of stormwater filters and other stormwater treatments solutions. One major factor to pay attention to while coming up with the right treatment solutions for stormwater runoff is nonpoint source pollution.

“Nonpoint source pollution” is a term that refers to contamination coming from more than one source instead of a single source. This means small amounts of contaminates collect from several different sources to produce pollution in a large area. Storm drainage systems and products like a catch basin insert are crucial for preventing the environmental damages caused by nonpoint source pollution. Point source water pollution is another term used to define where pollutants come from. Pollutants originating from a single identifiable source are point source water pollution. Stormwater treatment solutions are crucial for nonpoint source pollution and point source water pollution.

Some typical pollutants found on water runoff includes candy wrappers, food wrappers, pieces of paper and cigarette butts. Storm drain filters catch these pollutants, which is why drain filters require routine maintenance and cleaning to prevent blockage. Contaminates that float on top of the water are floatables, which mainly include macroscopic materials. Utilizing natural resources generated from storms while preventing pollutants from reach certain areas is possible by using the proper stormwater treatment solutions. Be sure to review the different types of systems that are available online. The EPA sets standards to benefit the environment and the people.

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