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Lubricating Your Garage Door


A common garage door problem is when there are squeaky and strange noises. The obvious solution is adding some lubrication, but you may want to listen to this video first before doing so. According to the video, lubricating your garage door is one issue that doesn’t necessarily require you to hire a garage door service company. With the right information and solutions, you can DIY.

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For starters, avoid the mistake of adding oil like WD-40. These are degreaser, so it goes without saying that they don’t work well for greasing your garage door. The video suggests instead that you use lithium spray or silicone spray. The video advises that you grease all moving parts of your garage doors, such as hinges, pivots, rollers, and pulleys. The great thing is you can see which part is being referred to and how it’s done. In short, this is just some of the valuable information you’ll learn when you listen to the video. With the tips, tricks, and pointers you get, your squeaky and noisy garage door will quickly become a thing of the past.

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