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Adding Commands to Your Dedicated Minecraft Server


So you have been playing Minecraft on a private server for a while but you want to spice things up with custom commands. Creative mode and the operator role are great, but you have been doing the same things over and over and wish you could execute all the new ideas you’ve been getting recently. Well, custom commands will vastly expand what you’re able to accomplish on your server and let you play in a tailored way. In this video, you will learn all about Minecraft dedicated server commands including how to add and use them.

The program that this video will teach you about is called the MyCommand plugin. There are different types of commands you’ll be able to add, for example, registered commands, shortcuts, and others that combine different kinds.

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The sky really will be the limit once you have this plugin up and running, and the video will show you exactly how. The plugin even has console support and is highly customizable.


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