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Questions You Should Know How to Answer From a Divorce Attorney


Before you consider filing for divorce in California, you may want to watch the YouTube video “5 Questions – California Divorces – The Law Offices of Andy I. Chen.” The video lists five critical questions you should be able to answer when visiting your divorce attorney if you live in California. Divorce attorneys work hard to secure the best possible outcomes for their clients. The reality is that not all divorces can be settled amicably.

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Relevant Information in Divorce Proceedings

You must answer some questions about your case during your initial meeting with your divorce lawyer. The lawyer may want to know the exact date of your marriage. Many may assume that this is the date that the wedding occurred in church or reception. What it means is the legal date of your marriage. In other words, the day that you signed your marriage certificate.

You should be able to answer questions about your circumstances, like your occupation, before filing for divorce, if you have minor children, if the marriage disadvantaged you in any way, such as being unable to finish school, if you hold any stocks, bonds, or another type of investment, and if you own any property.

This information determines how child support is calculated, if alimony should be paid, who will have primary custody of minor children, and additional divorce terms.


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