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What to Know About Chemo Waste


Chemotherapy uses strong drugs that have a significant effect on the body. They are used to treat some diseases, particularly cancers. After chemotherapy drugs have been used or administered, there is always waste left over. This can be anything that may contain even trace elements of the drug.

The video clearly demonstrates that there is a need to dispose of any waste from chemo drugs efficiently.

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It’s not a matter of throwing the waste into the trash, or flushing it down the toilet. It’s essential to turn to a chemo waste service.

Chemo drugs target cells that divide quickly, which can mean cancer. However, they can be toxic to someone who is healthy. Even traces of chemo drugs in the environment are potentially dangerous for both plants, animals, and humans.

The video clearly shows the type of container that is used to dispose of any form of chemo waste. The container is bright yellow because that is the standardized color for waste containers of this type. Other ‘sharps’ containers may also be used.

The key is to dispose of all chemo waste properly so that no traces can get into the water supply or the environment and cause harm. To learn more, consult the video we’ve linked above!.

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