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Rigging 101 Key Terms to Know


In the video above, the reporter discusses essential information for individuals who have recently taken on a new role in a rigging-related industry or are involved in purchasing rigging hardware. The focus is on providing a basic understanding of rigging terminology, standards, and governing bodies. The reporter aims to help viewers quickly get up to speed on common terms and definitions used in the industry.

He underscores the intricate and technical character of the lifting and rigging industry, emphasizing the significance of adhering to safety standards and regulations. The video delves into crucial elements, including the dual usage of “rigging” as a noun and a verb, the regulatory bodies and standards governing rigging, and terminology associated with rigging personnel.

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Through comprehensive coverage, viewers gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the field, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in safe and effective rigging practices.

Furthermore, the video delves into basic rigging terms, including working load limit, design factor, proof test, proof load, below-the-hook, load test, ultimate strength, static load, shock load, center of gravity, and fatigue. The purpose is to equip individuals with foundational knowledge crucial for their roles in the rigging industry. The video invites viewers to revisit it as necessary, offering supplemental resources like a written glossary to enhance comprehension of the rigging industry.


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