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The Crematorium and Cremation Process


In this video, you will learn about a cremation facility. You will also learn about the cremation process. Most crematories are onsite at facilities, where they take and supervise the entire process in-house from start to finish. An average cremation from start to finish can take about four hours.

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The time it takes depends on the weight of the person’s body. The internal temperature of the machine will rise to 1,6000 degrees fahrenheit during the four hour process. In movies, it usually shows fire. The machines aren’t really like that. It heats up to 1,600 degrees and then the cremation process begins naturally. Once the process is completed, the remains are taken to a processing station, where they are prepared to be turned into ashes. Some families choose to spread ashes, while others choose to put them in an urn. In some other cases, a family will bury an urn in the cemetery or bring it to their church. Two staff members need to verify the identity of each person who goes into the cremation facility. This is usually done with a stainless steel disk and ID band. This ensures that the urn that is given back to the family is the remains of their loved one.

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