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Why Hire a Moving Company?


Many people avoid hiring moving companies because of the high costs. It’s true that even a small apartment can cost thousands of dollars to move across the country, and some in-town moves may be safe to DIY. However, the benefits of hiring a moving company include proper preparation of furniture and other delicate goods before placing them onto the moving vehicle.

Local moving companies commonly use two methods for moving furniture: drape-and-drop and “White Glove”. In the former, furniture is placed directly onto the truck with minimal wrapping and draped with moving pads.

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This is a good method for an hourly move because it saves time and money. This method fails if the furniture isn’t properly draped and covered from all sides.

In the White Glove method, furniture is pre-draped and bound before it is placed securely in the truck. Loading and unloading the truck takes longer using this process, which can be more expensive if homeowners are paying for hourly moving services. However, it may be preferable when homeowners pay a flat rate or for long-distance moves because furniture is more likely to sustain damage.

No method is always the best. It depends on the homeowner’s needs and the mover’s experience.

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