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Tips for Creating a Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers


If you have a beautiful garden, and you want to create a bouquet to give to someone special, you may wonder how to build an artistic bouquet. In this video, viewers learn some tricks people use to create a perfect bouquet. One frequent guideline is to “keep it simple.”

If you’re picking flowers from your home garden, instead of flower shops, wait to pick them until they have their entire colors. The video advises viewers to leave any young blooms for a later bouquet.

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To select where to cut, choose a place near a leaf grouping. These locations are ideal because they provide leaves to display near the blooms.

When you fill a vase, fill it halfway with water. Stand a cut flower in the vase and then cut it, so it will stand two inches above the brim of the vase. The water in the vase must be changed daily. Arrange a row of flowers horizontally as the first part of the bouquet. The flowers in this group have broad, rounded blooms.

When the blossoms rest on the brim, the leaves crisscross the leaves of an adjacent blossom. After the horizontal row, you should select some flowers for height. Those blossoms can stand within the horizontal blossoms. For small accents like baby’s breath, you can drape them like a “vee” formation.

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