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Because it does not operate in the same ways as traditional marketing media, the internet affords businesspeople several different turn key marketing solutions. Turn key marketing solutions are basically those that are new and offer a different and under utilized way of reaching customers. Several different turn key marketing solutions stand out on the internet, but SEO is becoming one of the more important ones at present.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a way of passively generating more traffic on your website, boosting its success. As many as 40% of online retail customers come from search engine searches. Google is the most important and influential of the search engines, having about a 70% share of the search engine market. Search engines like Google use keywords entered by users to find webpages for them. These search engines rank the pages they find by how many times the keywords appear in the text of the pages they find, with those containing the highest frequency of them ranking highest. Nearly 20% of search engine users click on the first result, so ensuring that you have a high search results ranking can greatly increase your success. By comparison, as many as 80% of search engine users avoid paid advertizements.

Online marketing agencies can help you to find the keywords most associated with your business, and website content writers can rewrite the text of your website to include them more, boosting your search results rankings. Creating more web content, like writing a company blog, can also help. On average, this provides more than 400% more indexed, or searchable, pages for your business, making it easier for search engines and potential customers to find you. When you run a small business that has trouble getting attention or has a lot of competitors, novel turn key marketing solutions can be critical to your success. Small business SEO services like these can help your business to stand out from the crowd of small businesses just like it. For more information, read this website:

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