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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Home


Advantages of buying a home

If you are on the cusp of becoming a new home buyer, you are about to accomplish what most Americans consider central to achieving the American Dream. Since the first European settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean to escape the oppression of the English monarchy, owning their own land and building their own homes has been a part of every person’s version of the American Dream.

Even though there are both advantages and disadvantages of buying a house, there are several crucial first time home buying tips that every new home buyer should know. The number one rule that all new home buyers must follow is to look at as many homes as possible. Also, it is critical that new home buyers never fall in love with the first home that that see. In fact, they should always make conscious efforts to put place logic ahead of emotion. They should always think to themselves that no matter how much they like a home, there will be another one that they like better.

It is also important for new home buyers to be aware of any hidden problems that might exist in any given home. Sure, that majestic five-bedroom Victorian might seem beautiful, dramatic and something a home buyers has always dreamed of owning, but that unseen cloth wiring, 40 year-old furnace, and leaky roof might turn it into their version of the Money Pit very quickly. Therefore, it is always smart to hire a reputable home inspector to give it a thorough going over before deciding to put in an offer.

Despite the various advantages of buying a home, even the most gorgeous, breath-taking home can become a horrible investment if new home buyers fail to approach the home buying process with adequate care and attention to detail. While owning a home is part of your American Dream, when you rush into buying a home, it could become your American nightmare.

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