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What 2024 Has in Store for Plumbing Equipment


If you’re interested in knowing what’s in store for the plumbing industry in 2024, look no further than the YouTube video for some interesting developments in equipment. There are many exciting developments in this industry to look forward to. Additionally, as a business owner, staying on top of developing trends in this industry will help business owners stay one step ahead of the competition.

What’s New in Plumbing

Most new developments are focused on water efficiency, smart technology, and environmentally friendly practices. The latest trends in equipment focus on technology and fixtures.

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For example, leak-detection alerts allow customers to track their water usage, while other technologies monitor water temperature levels. This information provides valuable insight for property owners and allows them to take control of their water affairs.


Toilets can now clean and disinfect themselves, have heated seats, and automatic flushing. Touchless sinks and faucets use less water and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Furthermore, leak detection systems monitor water usage and flow through the piping system of a property. If a possible leak is detected, the system automatically closes a valve to prevent further loss, thus saving the homeowner money. A job previously performed by a leak detection company.


These are just some new technologies that will feature in the new year. Plumbers and business owners looking to leverage the technology will ensure profits for their companies as they’ll continuously be ahead of the competition.


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