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How Are Occlusal Night Guard Splints Made?


People who have a habit of grinding their teeth can cause damage to the surface of their teeth. Dentists often prescribe an occlusal night guard splint. Users of occlusal night splints may wonder how they are made.

Video Source

In his YouTube video, “Occlusal Night Guard Splint” Brian Kuo, DDS, demonstrates the formation of the splint.

What is Tooth Grinding?

The medical term for grinding the teeth is “bruxism.” According to the NHS, people who grind their teeth often do so due to stress and anxiety. The same site also states that people who grind their teeth most often do so during their sleep. If teeth grinding occurs often enough, it can wear down the enamel of the teeth.

In addition to the damage it can do to the tooth enamel, grinding of the teeth can also cause headaches or earaches. The grinding noise can also wake you up at night, causing interrupted sleep. To prevent the grinding, a person’s dentist might prescribe an occlusal night guard.

How is a Night Guard Made?

To make a night guard, an impression is made of your lower teeth. The device used for the impression is made of metal, filled with alginate. The appearance of the upper teeth is made next. After the device is formed, the dentist grinds it to smooth the edges and create the correct shape.


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