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What Foods Offer the Best Nutrition for Pets?


Your dog gets nutrition from their dog food, but there are many foods you can add that offer great nutrition for pets. Keep reading to learn what you can add to your dog’s food to give them the nutrition they need.

The first thing you could add to your dog’s food is eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein for your dog and can be easily scrambled and cooked to add to your dog’s food.

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Save the eggshells because they are very high in calcium, an important nutrient dogs need. You can dry the egg shells in the oven and then blend them up into a powder to mix into your dog’s food.

You can also add various fruits and vegetables to your dog’s food. Some produce dogs love include yams, carrots, green beans, spinach, apples, and plums.

Another option that offers great nutrition for pets is pork. Pork is often overlooked, with the focus on chicken and beef, but pork is very good for dogs.

To learn more about foods that offer the best nutrition for pets, watch the video above!


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