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Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry


Oral health requires regular care and must be kept in great shape to avoid short- and long-term issues. However, oral health also has aesthetics that must be considered, as a great smile can make people feel better about themselves. Thankfully, cosmetic dental care has become a unique care option for many people.

As a result, it is crucial to understand why so many people are getting cosmetic dental care and how it may benefit you as a person. As a growing number of individuals turn to this care method, they find that it provides more advantages than they ever considered possible. Here are some pros and cons of this process:

Teeth Whitening Provides a Better Smile

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular options for cosmetic dental treatments in recent years. It is popular for many reasons, each of which makes it worth considering a dentist to receive. Though DIY dental cleaning options are available for whiter teeth, professional help is a better option because it::

  • Removes Plaque – Plaque is a common dental-health issue that affects just about everybody. And while brushing and other steps help manage this problem, some people may have a lingering plaque that refuses to go away. Thankfully, teeth whitening can help to address this problem smoothly.
  • Manage Nicotine Stains – Long-time smokers are likely to find that their teeth contain nicotine stains that refuse to go away. Thankfully, dental whitening can help by using high-quality cleaning processes that break these stains apart and help restore a person’s smile smoothly and efficiently.
  • Helps With Some Damage – While dental whitening is not a curative method for oral health issues, breaking apart plaque, stains, and more helps to minimize the spread of some damage. It is beneficial for handling the problems associated with minor cavities across many teeth.
  • Increases Shine – High-quality dental whitening processes help to increase the shine and presence of a good smile. They make it easier for people who want to stand out to achieve that goal, creating the kind of beautiful teeth that anchors, models, television personalities, and salespeople need to succeed.

In a certain way, teeth whitening is a lot like oral business cleaning and disinfecting services. They take care of the excessive plaque and stains in the mouth and does what it can to help. In this way, it is possible to get the clean teeth that a person wants and needs without spending a lot of money in the process.

Ways Implants Can Help

Over the years, implants have become one of the most popular and effective ways of managing missing teeth and other oral health problems. Though some insurance policies may not cover them, others may make sure that you get this type of care. The benefits of a high-quality implant are pretty diverse and must be understood before you get one:

  • Replace Missing Teeth – A strong dental implant will quickly replace one of the missing teeth in your smile. As a result, you won’t have a frustrating or unappealing gap and feel more comfortable with your smile. This benefit is critical for those who want excellent oral health that will stay strong for years.
  • Minimize Dental Damage – When you lose a tooth, you expose other sides of your remaining teeth to more potential infections. Thankfully, an implant will take the place of the missing tooth, allowing you to keep your smile strong and minimize the spread of problematic plaque and infections in your mouth.
  • Avoid the Need for Dentures – If you get a dental implant for one tooth, you can prevent the decay that so often leads to dentures. Just as importantly, you can keep your other teeth strong to make bridges and different types of replacement processes unnecessary for your oral health needs.
  • Protect Jaw Health – Your jaw needs all of its teeth to stay strong and healthy. And losing even one tooth can cause damage to its structure, leading to premature signs of aging. An implant avoids this problem by providing the support your jaw needs after you lose a tooth anywhere.

The dental implant process is designed to be reasonably easy to understand for most people but does require careful attention to detail. As a result, anybody interested in these benefits needs to understand more about implants and the overall installation process.

Botox Therapies Have Become Popular

Botox has transformed from a primarily plastic surgery care option to becoming a cosmetic dental care choice many people enjoy. The overall benefits that it provides are surprisingly diverse and can help take care of many issues. Just a few ways that it can help include:

  • Tightening Your Skin – Botox injections kill skin cells in your face and cause them to constrict and tighten. When this happens, your skin will no longer sag and will look tighter and years younger. Benefits of this type can last 3-4 months with the proper use and maintenance after a shot.
  • Manages Wrinkles – Botox helps to minimize wrinkles by tightening up the skin. This temporary procedure will help eliminate these wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, and other facial areas. It works particularly well for those who have early wrinkling that they want to manage properly.
  • Tighten Up Scars – When scars won’t disappear on your face, and you’re sick of seeing them, Botox may be a good option. It helps to tighten up some wounds and make them heal more efficiently. While this method is not a curative option, it may provide some alternative benefits for your care.

Ensure that you talk to insurance agents about this process to make sure that your policy covers it. This care method may be somewhat controversial in some circles but has provided many apparent benefits. And it is mostly relatively safe, as long as you give your skin time to recover.

Just as importantly, you need to make sure that your dental experts fully understand this procedure. Most surgical tech position situations in a dental office should handle this skill, as it mainly requires finding the best place to shoot these items and balancing their impact on your face.

Smile Makeovers Improve Health and Aesthetics

High-quality cosmetic dentistry can also focus on what is known as a smile makeover. This care option utilizes various steps to make your smile more attractive and ensure that you feel confident about yourself. This type of total care package is just one step below facial reconstruction and is usually the most extensive type that benefit by:

  • Fixing Crooked Smiles – If you have a crooked smile that doesn’t look great, you can get a smile makeover to help. The experts who provide this care will take the time to make sure that your teeth are straight using braces, Invisalign care, and even some minor surgery to help restore your dental health.
  • Repairing Blemishes – Do you have a tooth that crooks to the side or any other obvious visible signs of strange smiles? A makeover will assess this problem and find a solution. You may need an implant for this type of procedure, so be prepared. However, it is often worth it for those who want to look great.
  • Enhancing Gum Appearance – Many people may have beautiful teeth but have omnipresent gums that make their smiles less appealing. Thankfully, a makeover can help remove some gum tissue around the teeth, making their appearance less prominent and overpowering your smile.
  • Other Repair Steps – During a smile makeover, a dental professional can fix cavities, remove plaque and stains, carefully polish your teeth, and much more. They try to find a good balance between changing your teeth too much and leaving it as it is in a way that makes sense for their needs.

If you’re interested in a smile makeover, finding a local dentist who can help you with this process is essential. These professionals are good at taking care of various common issues with oral health, providing the benefits and techniques discussed above, and giving you the chance to stand out compared to others.

Facial Reconstruction is an Important Process

Lastly, high-quality cosmetic surgery can provide a surprising array of help with facial plastic surgery for those who need it. That’s because surgeons of this type have become more skilled at handling the unique difficulties that this process may cause so many people. Just as importantly, they have become proficient at providing long-term benefits with:

  • Facial Burns – After a severe burn, you may need new skin to make your face look as strong and healthy as it did in the past. Thankfully, surgery can help to provide you with this support and give you a long-lasting look that you need to stay happy and avoid emotional struggles and complications.
  • Severe Acne Scarring – Those who experience heavy acne at a young age may find themselves scarred and frustrated with this issue. While you may not need a complete facial reconstruction, this surgery may help to remove much of this scarring and restore a better look to your face.
  • Severe Cuts and Skin Loss – In car accidents and other extreme situations, it isn’t too hard for many people to develop cuts, lesions, and skin loss throughout their faces. Thankfully, facial reconstruction can help by carefully rebuilding the face and giving it the lost luster that it needs to look great.
  • Tumor Reconstruction – Skin cancer on the face can be very frustrating and dangerous and may result in a lot of lost skin. Thankfully, it is possible to use surgery to reconstruct your face and restore it to the natural beauty you once possessed before cancer caused you to lose so much facial skin.

So if you experience a severe facial injury after an accident or another type of personal injury situation, you should consider surgery to help reconstruct your face. This treatment method has become popular in recent years for many conditions. And many people are finding that this treatment is getting covered by their insurance.

Downsides of Cosmetic Dental Care

While cosmetic procedures provide many benefits, there are a few downsides that must be considered before you jump into this process. While we believe that these concerns are minor compared to the benefits that you’ll get from cosmetic dental help, it is important to understand them just the same.Just a few of these concerns include elements as diverse as:

  • Cost – Not all cosmetic dental procedures may be fully covered, meaning that you may have to pay for them out of your pocket, which can be thousands of dollars. This situation can be quite frustrating if you aren’t sure how much you’ll pay.
  • Infection Potential – In a small number of cosmetic dental cases, you may end up getting an infection. This problem is serious because it can cause various nerve damage issues and much more. Make sure you’re prepared for this issue.
  • Allergic Reactions – Another rare problem with cosmetic dental care is allergic reactions. Some people may develop a surprise reaction to various treatment options, such as some medicines, and may need treatment to avoid serious issues.
  • Poor Success – If you get a cosmetic dental procedure, and it isn’t successful, you may end up with more damage than you’d have had if you’d just left your smile alone. As a result, you need to make sure you find a professional who you can trust to handle your oral care.

As you can see, these downsides must be seriously considered before you get treatment. Thankfully, they are mostly fairly minor and shouldn’t cause too many issues with your oral health. But make sure that you talk to your dental professional about how they could affect you and get tested to ensure you don’t have any concerns.

Seriously Consider Getting Cosmetic Care

As you can see, cosmetic dental care can provide a surprising range of benefits, each of which is more than worth considering if you experience any health issues that they can treat. Just as importantly, this type of treatment helps to decrease the potential damage to other parts of your health. After all, your oral health is directly connected to heart problems

Therefore, you should talk to a dental team near you to learn more about this care method and take the time to address it in a way that makes sense for your needs. When you reach out to a cosmetic dental professional, talk to them about insurance coverage and whether you qualify. If you do, then there’s a good chance that you’re not going to have to pay.

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