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All about Adding SEO to Your Business Plan


Seo business plans

From sea to shining sea, search engine optimization, or SEO, have become a fundamental part to basic business plans. The reason for this is largely due to the expansion of online marketing practices. However, there is a cause that is closer to home for all businesses. The truth is that attraction to search engine optimization is not only the product of an expanding online market, but rather SEO is more cost effective than other options.

Understanding why SEO is a better fit for your business necessitates at least a quick understanding of what makes SEO work. So here are those answers.

Basic SEO business plans revolve around one simple idea. Search engines attract enough attention to be a viable platform for marketing. This is true. In fact the only thing people do more than enter quarries into search engines is check their email. Furthermore studies show that at least 80% of all people aged 14 and older use search engines and mobile devices to research and browse for products and services online.

Where SEO differs from other search based marketing plans is in how this knowledge is used. Search engine optimization saves businesses money by pinpointing the demographics that are looking for services likened to those of the promoted business. This means that there are fewer costs associated with the basic business plan than would be found in using traditional, or outbound marketing strategies.

By attracting the right kinds of people, SEO can create business plans that will display all that your company has to offer.

Other cost effective ways that SEO is working to gain visibility for businesses include marketing with social media, and optimizing marketing content and business websites to be viewed on smart phones and tablets.

Social media is growing as one of the most pertinent aspects of a holistic online marketing solution. Social media offers one of the largest markets with the largest cross section of users online or off. Better still, social media allows businesses to stay in contact with their customers. Currently 94% of all businesses track their number of fans and followers. However, the average business only responds to about 30% of all comments. Driving better responses, and posting more regular statuses, links or photographs all work to keep fans more actively involved in the brand of your business. From a consumer standpoint this heightened activity results in more return customers, and greater brand loyalty.

One of the most basic business plan fixes is making content available for viewing on mobile devices. This extra step can help businesses reach the 90% of smartphone owners who use their phones to find services and products. This can be done relatively simply, because most of the mobile market is controlled by either iOS or Droid platforms.

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